Asphalt Mixture Gyratory Compactor

Product details:

The new type of gyratory compactor developed by our company uses air pressure as the axial pressure source. Compared with the loading method of the motor screw, it can obtain higher axial load and stability. Due to the compressibility of air pressure, in During the actual compaction process, the axial pressure can keep smaller pressure fluctuations. Compared with similar products in the market, our products also have other advantages, such as one-piece body design, built-in pressure source (compared to similar products in the market, no external air compressor is required), built-in integrated electric stripper (no external stripper required) , Easy-to-operate embedded touch screen installed on the front, touch electric lift protection door, compared with other rotary compaction equipment, our products are safe in use, equipment durability, ease of use, etc. There is a significant improvement. In terms of software human-computer interaction, we have integrated the functions of most of the gyratory compactors on the market. The interface is simple, friendly and beautiful. It has real-time height curve, real-time angle, height, density display, and can be set for time delay. Mode, test data automatic saving, viewing, curve data USB export and other functions, to meet the needs of field tests and scientific research.

Standards: JTG E20-2011 (T0736-2011), JT/T 724-2008, AASHTO T312, AASHTO TP71-2007, ASTM D6925.



  1. Compatible with the preparation of Φ100 and Φ150 mm specimens at the same time (the Φ100 specimen kit is an optional accessory).
  2. The axial pressure is pneumatic constant pressure, and the imported high-degree constant pressure valve is used, and the axial pressure fluctuation is small during the test.
  3. The fuselage integrates a silent air pump and an air storage tank, and no external air compressor is required.
  4. The fuselage is integrated with an electric demoulder, and the built-in program-controlled delay automatic demoulding function.
  5. The electric protective door that can be operated by touch can be automatically pressed when it is pressed. Under the control of the safety program, the protective door will automatically open and close according to the state of the instrument. The unique advanced user mode allows to close the system security program, so as to realize the test under the condition of opening the protective door.
  6. Hidden built-in LED lighting system.
  7. Adopt imported PLC and 10.1-inch configuration touch screen, with speed closed-loop control, angle, height, number of turns, density and other information can be displayed in real time curve, the test piece forming method can choose height control and number of turns control compaction mode.
  8. Multiple sets of compaction curve process data and compaction parameters can be recorded, viewed and exported to EXCEL files via USB.
  9. Provide a random calibration kit box (including height and axial load calibration tools) (optional accessories)

Optional accessories are not included in the instrument configuration list, and users need to order them separately.


Technical Parameter

  1. 1. Size of compacted specimen: Φ100 / Φ150mm(Φ100mm specimen kit is optional)
  2. Height of the prepared test piece: 50-200mm(when preparing the test piece with a height greater than 150mm, a test mold with a height of 300mm is required)
  3. Trial size: standard Φ150mm (Φ100mm trial is optional), height 250mm

The test mode with a height of 300mm can be selected (300mm height test mode belongs to non-standard customized parts)

  1. Rotation angle: 0.5~2.0° adjustable (factory default internal angle is 1.16°)
  2. Number of rotation cycles: adjustable from 1 to 999
  3. Rotating working speed: 5~40r/min adjustable (factory default: 30±0.5r/min)
  4. Axial compaction pressure: 600kPa (factory setting) ±10kPa

Φ150 mm: 200~700kPa adjustable (when using built-in air source)

Φ100 mm: 200~1500 kPa adjustable (when using built-in air source)

When replacing the external air compressor (10Bar), the maximum adjustable pressure of the Φ150 mm specimen can reach 900kPa

Factory default, set to Φ150 mm specimen, axial pressure 600kPa

  1. Power supply: AC220V±10% / 50Hz,

Peak power: 1.6kW (this machine is compatible with 240V/60Hz power grid)

  1. Overall size: 1100×800×2120mm (height)
  2. Net weight: 470kg

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