SZR-5 Intelligent asphalt penetration Testing Machine

Intelligent asphalt penetration Testing Machine

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Needle entry time control

adjustable within 0-99 seconds

Needle penetration accuracy


Product details:

Technical Parameters

  1. Needle penetration depth device: precision displacement measuring device.
  2. Needle entry time control device: adjustable within 0-99 seconds, the time error is less than ±0.1 second.
  3. Needle penetration accuracy: 0.01mm.
  4. Maximum penetration depth: 40mm.
  5. Standard needle: The total weight of the needle and the needle bar is 2.5±0.05g, which meets the specifications of GB/T4509 and T0604.
  6. Penetrating rod weight: 97.5g
  7.  Flat-bottomed glass dish:for Hard glass cylinder, the volume is greater than 1.5L and the depth is greater than 80mm. There is a holder for the sample vessel to make it stable.
  8. Sample container: copper, cylindrical and flat bottom. The inner diameter of the sample dish is 55mm and the depth is 35mm (suitable for samples with penetration of less than 200).
  9. Lifting bracket: It can be adjusted freely to facilitate the needle tip to align with the sample plane.


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