UPV Ultrasonic pulse velocity tester

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Ultrasonic Rebound Hammer is a comprehensive instrument for testing the strength of concrete. It can be used as an ordinary rebound tester or as an ultrasonic rebound comprehensive tester. It can measure the rebound value as well as the sound time and sound speed. It is suitable for non-destructive testing of common concrete compressive strength in various construction projects.

PRODUCT FEATURES1. It adopts three anti- shell design waterproof, dustproof and shockproof;3.Multi-function: The compressive strength of concrete can be tested by two methods: rebound method and ultrasonic rebound method. It can measure the rebound value, and can measure sound time and sound speed, which is simple and convenient.4.High quality using imported sensors and advanced ARM processor, the test is fast and accurate, and the test results can be analyzed on site;6.Powerful: The instrument can store 4000 sets of data and record the test date at the same time, which is convenient for users to view and manage. The USB interface can quickly import data to the host computer for analysis and processing.




Product Model BD-UPV
Host parameter Waterproof level: IP65   Screen size: 5inches
Ultrasonic indication error ±0.1μs
Ultrasonic transducer operating frequency 50KHz
Instrument ultrasonic frequency range 5Hz~ 500KHz
Data transmission mode USB transmission interface; Wireless cloud transmission (optional)
Springback apparatus nominal kinetic energy 2.207J
Stiffness of Spring Strike 785.0+40.0(N/m)
Impact length of ram 75.0 ± 0.3 mm
Rebound value indication error ≤±0.5
Rebound value average steel anvil rate 80±2
Power supply mode Large capacity lithium battery, power supply time is more than 8 hours
Working environment -10°C~40°C


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