HYE-2000T Electro-hydraulic servo Compression testing machine

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Max test force





545*900*1260mm, 654*450*1300mm



Product details:

  1. Equipment introduction

This series of testing machines are suitable for concrete and rock compressive strength tests, equipped with appropriate fixtures and measuring devices to meet the concrete split tensile test, flexural test, and static elastic modulus test.

  1. Product features

◎ This machine is specially designed for concrete elastic modulus test. It is equipped with professional elastic modulus analysis software and automatic data collection kit. The test process is simple and efficient;

◎ This machine adopts a large oil cylinder wide body design, which has a large test space, while reducing the internal pressure of the hydraulic system, making the test process safer and more reliable;

◎ This machine uses a combination of servo motor and Mazu gear pump to load, the test process is quiet, and the test data is accurate;

◎ This machine adopts a servo control system, which can realize constant rate control, load holding control, low cycle control, stepless speed regulation, and online adjustment of PID parameters;

◎This machine can be used for compressive tests of concrete test blocks, refractory bricks and other blocks, realizing one machine for multiple purposes;

◎Adopting block slide rail structure design, free switching between concrete compression test and elastic modulus test;

◎The Chinese and English interface can be switched freely, making it more convenient and faster for foreign customers to use.


  1. Applicable standards

◎ “General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines” GB /T2611-2007

◎ “Test Method for Mechanical Properties of Ordinary Concrete” GB /T50081-2002

◎ ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other related standards.


Technical Parameters

Maximum test force(KN) 2000KN
Test accuracy Level 1/0.5
Measurement resolution 1%-100%FS
Main structure Four columns
Compressed space 320mm
Piston stroke 80mm
Upper pressure plate size Φ300
Lower plate size 300mm*300mm
Piston displacement speed 0-60mm/min
Piston diameter (mm) Φ320
Test force loading speed 0.02%-2%FS/S
Effective distance between columns 350mm
Host size 545*900*1260mm
Overall dimensions of control cabinet 654*450*1300mm
Total Weight 1300kg

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