WDW-100 Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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This test machine is suitable for the mechanical properties testing and research of metal, rubber, plastic and other materials. It can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, transportation, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, ceramics, automotive, medicine and electronics. 


room temperature in the range of 10~ 35℃;Relative temperature≤80%;There is no vibration around, no corrosive medium and no environment with strong electromagnetic interference;The change of the power supply voltage is within 10% of the rated voltage;Stable installation on a solid foundation.



1.Loading framea. The main frame includes the table top, the middle beam, the moving beam, the column and the ball screw. All the parts are steel parts. The structure is compact and the connection is firm, which ensures the rigidity of the testing machine and the smooth running of the moving beam.b. The test machine is divided into upper and lower test spaces, the upper space is subjected to tensile test, and the lower space is subjected to compression and bending tests, which reduces the trouble of different test replacement test aids, and ensures the accuracy of the test machine and is easy to operate.c. The test space is sufficient to meet the requirements of various tests to the utmost extent.d. The frame protection cover ensures the cleaning of the ball screw. The beam limit device can arbitrarily set the limit position of the| moving beam up and down to ensure the safe operation of the test machine.2.Beam drivea. The AC servo drive system controls the AC servo motor, and the ball screw is rotated by the precision planetary reduction system to move the beam up and down.b. Using the gapless arc timing belt to link the two lead screws, high efficiency, low noise, ball screw drive loading, force valuec. Full digital closed loop control.3.Test machine controllera. Set load, displacement, deformation measurement and display, speed control, test parameter setting, test machine calibration, data processing, report output and other functions in one.b. The test force and deformation amount are enlarged in four steps. c. Fully automatic data processing. The main items include: elastic modulus, upper and lower yield points, maximum points, non-proportional stress points at break points, and partial curve amplification.d. Data processing and curve drawing and output.e. Display mode: screen displayf. Operation mode: Operate through the 101 keyboard and mouse menu.4.Other characteristicsa. Power supply use 220V or customized..b. Safety protection device can prevent problems such as over-travel, overload, leakage and current overload.c. Appearance plexiglass shield.d. A variety of special accessories are available as an option.


Product name WDW-100 Microcomputer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine
Maximum test dorce 100kN
Effective range 0.4%~100%
Test force relative error ≤±0.5%
Beam moving speed range 0.01~500mm/min
Beam speed relative error ≤±1%
Maximum stroke of the beam 1000mm
Stretching stroke 700mm
Effective test width 400mm
Host size 730*550*1870mm
Power supply 220V, 1.5kW
Weight About 440kg

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