GW40 Automatic Rebar Bending Testing Machine

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GW40 Automatic Rebar Bending Testing Machine for Steel Bars is mainly used in metallurgical construction quality inspection department, as well as in raw materials and weld joint bending performance testing of steel bar. It is used in steel enterprises, scientific research institutes, quality inspection, construction engineering, railway, transportation, water transportation and colleges and universities for material bending performance testing and research. Common equipment. This equipment is used for the positive and negative bending tests of seismic steel bars such as the national standard and the British standard. The bending test machine meets the relevant standards of<GB1499.2 2018 Steel for Reinforced Concrete Part 2: Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars>,<YB/T5126 Steel Bending and Anti-bending Test Method for Reinforced Concrete>,<GB/T 232 Metal Material Bending Test Method>,<GB/T 244 Metal Bending Test Method>,<BS:4449 Carbon Steel Bars for Concrete>etc.

The equipment adopts horizontal structure design, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The bending angle is set numerically, and the touch screen operation is convenient and fast. The machine is loaded by two cylinders. The bending backup roll is driven by two-way lead screw driven by servo motor. The backup roll moves in and out synchronously So as to adjust the bending support spacing. The pressure roll is installed on the piston to carry out the positive bending and reverse bending test of the sample. PLC controls the direction of action and bending angle of the hydraulic cylinder, completes the forward and backward test process at one time. The bending operation is simple and convenient, the work efficiency is high, and the operation is stable. The test angle has high precision and fast speed.DEVICE CONFIGURATION

1.One host;2.Siemens PLC control system3.Bending core is equipped according to actual needs (see the bending core specification configuration table for details);4.1 set of hydraulic station;5.1 set of protective cover (installed on the host);6.Product certificate, instruction manual, random tools, etc.;


1.Hydraulic station: The hydraulic station is mainly composed of fuel tank, oil pump and valve. The main hydraulic components are all domestic famous brands, which fully guarantee the reliability and stability of the hydraulic system.2.Rack: The frame part of the frame is welded by angle steel, channel steel and other profiles. The structure is reasonable and conforms to the operator’s habits. The panel and the like are made of sheet metal structure, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and the surface is sprayed and processed, and the appearance is neat and beautiful. Protective cover: This part is a very important safety protection measure for the equipment to prevent the steel from flying out during the test and injuring the operator. The part is mainly formed by sheet metal processing, and is hinged to the main frame for easy opening and closing. The observation hole is opened on the sheet metal, and the operator can clearly observe the progress of the test.3.Bending core and bending core seat: The bending core seat is mounted on the piston rod of the oil cylinder, and the bending core is fixed on the curved core seat. The curved core is made of high-strength material and after heat treatment, it is durable and not easily damaged.4.Hydraulic cylinder and control valve: The hydraulic cylinder is specially made, small in size and large in output. It provides sufficient force for bending steel bars, reliability is guaranteed, and operation is convenient.5.Electrical control system: The main electrical components are produced by well- known domestic enterprises, which ensures the reliability and stability of the equipment.6.After the angle is set, the experiment is completed in one. touch operation (no need to adjust the sample for reverse bending after the positive bend).7.The program is continuously bent to the specified angle to stop (do not need to manually hold the operation mode). The equipment is equipped with angle measuring and control devices to ensure that the test meets the requirements of national standard and British standard.






Product name GW40 Automatic Rebar Bending Testing Machine
Drive mode Hydraulic drive
Maximum bending force 500KN
Sample diameter range Φ6-40mm
Positive bending angle 180 degrees; can also be set freely
Reverse bending angle 90 degrees+20 degrees;can also be set freely
Angle tolerance ±0.5°
Support span 100mm-420mm
Master cylinder working stroke 300mm
Secondary cylinder working stroke 250mm
Core diameter specifications According to actual needs(see the bending core specification configuration table for details
Power 4KW, 380V, 50Hz, three-phase+neutral
Weight 2200kg
Bending speed Meet the standard no more than 20°/s
Conducted in batch(serving with 28 or less, serving with 28 or more, serving with 32~40, serving with 2, serving with 12)
Set the sample specifications, PLC control automatically adjusts the span, and automatically calculates the indenter diameter
The bending machine meets the long-term stable working condition

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