HYE-2000C Electro-Hydraulic Servo Compression Testing Machine

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650*650*1620mm, 985*600*950mm



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This series of testing machines is suitable for concrete, rock compressive strength test, with appropriate fixtures and measuring devices to meet the concrete tensile test, flexural test, static pressure elastic modulus test.


1.The testing machine is a hydraulic servo compression pressure testing machine with closed-loop control, with constant stress control and load holding function;2.Using imported servo valve, the response is fast and the control precision is high. 3.Within the allowable range of the machine, the user can arbitrarily set the loading speed according to the requirements of the experiment;4.The load cell adopts load sensor, which can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test accuracy.5.The imported low-noise high-pressure oil pump can make the workplace have a quiet environment;6.The hydraulic system adopts air-cooling device, which is suitable for continuous operation for a long time;7.Multiple displacement (or deformation) measurement channels can be expanded according to user requirements.




Specification model HYE-2000C
Maximum test force (KN) 2000
Test accuracy Level 1/  0.5
Measurement resolution 1%-100%FS
Main structure form Four columns
Concrete (rock) elastic modulus Scalable configuration
Effective distance between columns(mm) 430
Distance between upper and lower platens(mm) 410
Adjustment between upper and lower platens Cylinder adjustment, block adjustment
Upper and lower platen size Ф298
Piston stroke (mm) 200
Piston moving displacement speed(mm/min) 0-60
Test force loading rate range 0.02%-2%FS/s
Piston motion direction control Two-way cylinder
Mainframe dimensions (mm) 650x650x1620
Control cabinet dimensions(mm) 985x600x950
Total power(kW) 2.5(AC 380V 50kz)

(three-phase five-wire system)

Weight 1600KG

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