HVC-1 Digital Concrete Vibro VeBe Consistometer

Product details:

Model: HVB-1

Standards: GBJ80,JG3043,BS1881, ISO 40110


This Vebe Consistometer is used to test the concrete mixture VeBe Consistency, the suitable concrete mixture aggregate size shall no over than 40mm, and the VeBe consistency value should be within the range of 5-30s.

Technical Specifications

Slump cone size 100×200×300mm(Top dia.*Bottom dia. *H)
Inner diameter 240±2mm
Inner height 200±2mm
Mixture aggregate size <40mm
VeBe value 5-30s
Vibrator frequency 3000±200 time/Min
Vibrating amplitude (empty container inside) 0.5±0.10mm
Motor power 250W
Timing range 0.1-99.9s
Overall size 380×520×870mm
Net weight 50kg
Test weight 2750g
Power supply AC 220V, 50HZ

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