GZ-16 Standard Calibration Steel Anvil

Product details:

  1. Scope of application


This instrument is used for calibration of Concrete rebound hammer with nominal kinetic energy ≤ 2.207J.

The steel Anvil weight: 16Kg, steel core hardness: 60±3°, Rm Value: 80±2.


  1. Operation steps


2.1 Operating

2.1.1 The steel anvil is generally placed on the horizontal surface to verify the Rebound hammer, and the rebound hammer makes a spring test vertically downward, verify and calibrate the rebound value of the rebound hammer.


  1. Inspection method


3.1 Calibration method of Concrete rebound hammer

The rebound value should be the average value of the stable rebound value of three consecutive downward bounces. Calibration should be divided into four directions,and before each direction bounce, bounce stick should be rotated 90 degrees.


3.2 Inspection instruments, tools and materials shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The calibration test of the rebound hammer should be carried out at room temperature of (5~35)C;

(2) The surface of the steel anvil shall be dry, clean and firmly placed on the object with large stiffness;


  1. Evaluation of calibration results


4.1 Concrete rebound hammer: the average rebound value of each direction should be 80±2.

4.2 Mortar rebound hammer: The average rebound value of each direction should be 74±2.


  1. Notes


5.1 To ensure the standard status of inspection tools.

The steel anvil shall be kept in a dry and dust-proof place to prevent corrosion, and shall not be knocked against the test surface.

5.2 The steel anvil shall be sent to an authorized metrological verification institution for verification or calibration every 2 years.


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