BM-III British Portable Pendulum Skid Resistance and Friction Tester

Additional information

Pendulum weight

1500 ± 30g

Center distance

410 ± 5mm

Positive static pressure of rubber sheet on road surface


The pendulum swings freely from 5 ° to the stop of the swing


The distance between the outer edge of the rubber sheet and the center of the swing



Road & Aggregate

Working principle

Free fall movement

Product details:


The pendulum friction coefficient tester is a dynamic pendulum impact instrument. It is developed according to the basic principle that “the potential energy loss of the pendulum is equal to the work done to overcome the friction of the road when the rubber film at the end of the pendulum slips on the road surface”.


  1. consists of T – leg, leveling screw and leveling bubble.
  2. A column consisting of a column, a lifting mechanism, a guide rod, and an instrument handle, used for lifting and fixing the position of a swinging head.
  3. Release Switch: A switch mounted on a cantilever to hold the pendulum horizontally and release the pendulum.
  4. Steering system: includes fastening handles, swinging shafts, steering joints and bearings, hoisting, fixing position, guaranteed in The swinging plane can swing freely.
  5. Coefficient system: including pointer felt ring, press cover, pointer adjust nut and dial, pointer can refer directly to The pendulum value is shown.
  6. Hammer head: by upper and lower joint, pendulum rod, spring, lever, lifting handle, hammer shell, slippage block and rubber film(76 mm ×25.4 mm ×6.35 mm) consisting of a specified torque on the swing center and a specified pressure on the pavement .Before and after, left and right torque balance, it is a measure of road friction coefficient.



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