R6116 Rainy Night Marking Reflectance Coefficient Measuring Instrument

Product details:

R6116 marking retroreflectometer is a portable on-site measuring instrument, used for measuring the retroreflection characteristic of road marking. R6116-type instrument is to simulate the brightness of road marking that can be seen by the driver under the illumination of motor vehicles at night, and the measured parameter is the coefficient of retrorefection brightness at night, namely, RL value.

This product has completely independent intellectual property rights and has obtained relevant patents and software copyrights. It also has passed the testing and calibration certification of National Institute of Metrology and Transportation, China and China Academy of Transportation Science.

Designed with high precision and high stability structure, R6116-type marking retroreflectometer applies high-standard MCU master module, large-capacity storage unit, touch screen display with handwriting input function and embedded program control software, supports for rapid inspection and prints out results on site through the built-in printer. It is featured by free preheating, small measurement error, out-of-the-box and so on. This is a necessary instrument for the production, quality supervision, engineering construction, supervision and other units to measure the retroreflection performance of road marking.

Main Functional Characteristics and Technical Parameters

1.1 Main Functional Characteristics

  • Support rapid measurement(Measure the value of the retroreflective coefficient within 3 seconds);
  • Support simple calibration procedure;
  • Large battery capacity, super long standby, quick charging;
  • Support high brightness LCD transparent touch screen and the operative interface can be seen clearly under  illumination;
  • Support to set the line color measurement, optional white, yellow, red, green, blue;
  • Support detection mode adjustable dry mode, wet mode, rainy night mode;
  • Support multiple measurements to calculate the average;The first five times of data are automatically displayed;
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card data storage, standard with 8GB USB flash drive,
  • Support storing more than 99,999 test data information, including, measurement data, operator,road section information and testing time, etc.;
  • Support 8G SD card data storage and support data storage in Excel format, and the data can be exported to the computer through U disk;
  • Support measurement data real-time voice broadcast, can be set to turn on or off the voice function;
  • Support to lock the field detection data, save the current data, can be detected before and after the insertion of U disk;
  • Using touch keyboard input Chinese, English and characters;
  • Supports on-site GPS positioning,Real-time display of temperature, humidity and altitude;
  • Support the real-time display of longitude and latitude on site;
  • Support English and Chinese autonomous switching operation, convenient for domestic and foreign customers;
  • Portable instrument;
  • Small size/light weight;
  • In the same field measurement environment, you can calibrate once before the test. You do not need to calibrate again every time you measure a different color


1.2 Main technical parameters

  • Measurement items: retroreflective coefficient mcd.m-2.lx-1
  • Measurement range: 0—4000
  • Observation angle: 1.05°
  • Angle of incidence: 88.76°, Complementary angle is 1.24°
  • Light source color temperature: 2856±50K
  • Measuring aperture area: 450mm x 65mm
  • Error of repeatability measurement: ≤3%
  • The measurement line color can be white, yellow, red, green or blue
  • Normal working hours:≥72h
  • Support USB data storage export, USB disk data storage space: 8GB standard configuration, support a maximum of 32GB
  • Built-in battery capacity:9600mAhThe lithium battery
  • Power supply voltage: 12V DC
  • Charging voltage/current: DC12.6V/2A
  • Ambient temperature: -15℃~+60℃
  • Ambient humidity:<100%,No frost
  • The whole machine net weight:85Kg
  • The total weight:9Kg
  • The whole machine size:L310*W140*H230(mm)
  • Outer packing size:L550*W350*H165(mm)

Working Principle

The geometric condition of  R6116-type marking retroreflectometer is to simulate the brightness that the driver observes in the cab reflected from the marking made of retroreflective material on the road by the headlamp when the vehicle is driven on the road at night. The schematic diagram of the optical path is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 2

The angle between the optical axis of the headlamp and the normal line (reference axis) of the road surface is called the incidence angle, which is set at 88.76° and the angle between the optical axis of the headlamp and the reflected light is called the observation angle, which is set at 1.05°. The light source of the optical system is directed to the marking line according to the incident angle. The size of measurement window is 450 x 65mm. The reflected light from the marking line is received by the V(λ) filter at the observation angle of 1.05°. After signal processing and calculation, the measured value is displayed. This value is the value of retroreflection coefficient RL.


(1) This instrument realizes Vλ spectrum correction through advanced optical filter.

(2) Stray light occasionally enters the instrument, which, however, will not affect the ongoing normal measurement. Before each measurement and calibration, R6116 will automatically evaluate the stray light and automatically generate compensation. In case of significant leakage of the stray light, a detection error message will be provided by the instrument and some protective measures must be taken.

(3) Light leakage, light drift and offset error of the instrument will be compensated according to the data obtained from calibration procedure. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the calibration board is clean and calibration shall be made regularly.



Main Components of Products

The main components and structure appearance of the instrument is shown in Fig. 2, mainly including 3 parts: operation panel, instrument casing and handle, bottom optical detection system.

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