WG-1B Triplex Medium Pressure Consolidation Apparatus

Product details:


This product is used to perform soil compression tests to determine the relationship between soil deformation and pressure, void ratio and pressure, deformation and time. This experiment can calculate the unit settlement of soil, compression factor and index, rebound index, compression modulus, consolidation coefficient and so on. The measurement items should be determined by the needs of the project. (executive standard: GB /T0137-1993)


《Triplex medium pressure consolidation apparatus net weight (without weights) 85kg, overall dimensions (685*800*1100) mm》


Technical index

  1. Sample area: 30cm²and 50cm².
  2. Medium pressure range: 30cm²(12.5-1600) Kpa/50cm²(12.5-800) Kpa.
  3. Height of the soil sample: 20mm.


Product structure

  • Soil sample container test model: Each instrument has two sets of container test models, and each set of container is tested for two soil sample areas of 30cm² and 50cm², and the soil samples are 20mm.The schematic diagram is shown in Figure 1.
  1. Container
  2. Big pressure plate
  3. Large guide ring
  4.  Big guard ring
  5. Φ83Permeable stone
  6. Big ring knife
  7. Soil sample module
  8. Φ79.8Permeable stone
  9. Small pressure plate
  10. Φ61.8Permeable stone
  11. Small guide ring
  12. Small guard ring
  13. Small ring knife(Φ61.8)









2) Medium pressure consolidation apparatus load sequence table:

Soil sample loading sequence table
30cm²  i=1:12   50cm²  i=1:10
Order Over


Quantity Grand total Pressure Order Over


Quantity Grand total Pressure
(kg) (block) (kg) (Kpa) (kg) (block) (kg) (Kpa)
1 0.319 1 0.319 12.5 1 0.319 1 0.319  
2 0.319 1 0.638 25 2 0.319 1 0.638 12.5
3 0.638 1 1.275 50 3 0.638 1 1.275 25
4 1.275 1 2.55 100 4 1.275 1 2.55 50
5 2.55 1 5.1 200 5 2.55 1 5.1 100
6 2.55 1 7.65 300 6 2.55 2 10.2 200
7 2.55 1 10.2 400 7 5.1 1 15.3 300
8 5.1 2 20.4 800 8 5.1 1 20.4 400
9 5.1 4 40.8 1600 9 5.1 4 40.8 800

There is also a turbine box, which can adjust the lift of the lever fulcrum, with a stroke of 15mm. During the test, it is necessary to adjust the lever to the horizontal position. When the soil sample sinks under pressure and the lever is tilted, you can turn the hand wheel counterclockwise to lower the lever fulcrum to restore the lever to a horizontal state, to ensure the accuracy of the load at all levels.

3)The structure of the whole machine:

  1. Hand wheel 2. Wooden table 3. Container 4. Dial indicator (self-provided) 5. Table clamp fixture 6. Pressure transfer head 7. Cross beam 8. Counterweight Lifting rod 10. Lower beam

11.Lever 12. Horizontal bubble 13. Hook (1:12) 14. Hook (1:10)15. Weight hanging plate


Note: When leveling, hang the weight on the hanging plate for leveling (the hanging plate

does not count as the loading load)

30cm² is 1:12 hook load

50cm² is 1:10 hook load

  1. You need to place the instrument steadily and place the lever between the lifting brackets to prevent friction.
  2. Prepare the soil sample according to the geotechnical test regulations, put it into the retaining ring and put it on the permeable stone in the container, then put the permeable stone and pressure plate on the upper end, place it in the middle of the pressure frame, and install the dial indicator. Rotate the hand wheel clockwise to raise the lifting rod to the apex, and then rotate it counterclockwise for 1-2 turns, then align the pressure head with the pressureplate, adjust the screw at the upper end of the beam, and the container part can be taken and placed freely when the frame is up.The preload load of 1Kpa can be applied first according to the geotechnical operation regulations (for a 30cm²sample, the small weight is 25.5g). Adjust the gauge so that the pointer reads zero. Then load step by step according to the regulations, (remove the pre-loaded weight before loading).
  3. After loading, you need to always watch the sinking of the lever or rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise as needed, and adjust the lifting lever to maintain the balance of the lever.(Adjust the height before the next level of loading to reduce the inclination angle of the lever). At this time, generally you should not turn the hand wheel clockwise to prevent gaps from vibrating the soil sample.
  4. After each use, all the instruments should be wiped clean. If it is estimated that it will not be used for a long time, a thin layer of grease should be applied to the metal surface to prevent corrosion.


Packing List

Serial number Name Quantity
1 Pre-loaded weight 25.5g 3
2 Preload weight 51g 3
3 Weight 5.1kg 18
4 Weight 2.55kg 9
5 Weight 1.275kg 3
6 Weight 0.637kg 3
7 Weight 0.319kg 6
8 30cm² soil sample module 3

Container part

Big pressure plate 3
Small pressure plate 3
Big ring knife 3
Small ring knife 3
Large guide ring 3
Small guide ring 3
 Large guard ring 3
Small guard ring 3
Water storage tank 3
Permeable stone (Φ83) 3
Permeable stone (Φ79.8) 3
Permeable stone (Φ61.8) 3
10 Table clamp fixture 3
11 Watch clip support rod 3
12 Instructions 1
13 Certificate of conformity 1
14 Packing list 1
15 Straight square 1

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