Light-duty Dynamic Penetration Test

Product details:


This instrument is mainly used to determine the number of layered penetrations of the soil foundation, and can quickly complete a large number of field surveys in a short time.

Structure and Features

This instrument is composed of a handle, a guide rod, a heavy hammer, a pad, and a penetrating cone. The relative strength of each layer can be measured at one time.

Technical Parameters

  1. Hammer weight: 10kg±10g
  2. Falling distance: 500mm
  3. Maximum penetration depth: 4000mm
  4. Maximum diameter of penetrating hammer: Φ40mm

Sheet1-1(General viscous bearing capacity R)

No. of hammers (N10) 15 20 25 30
(R)(L/m²) 10 14 18 22

Sheet 1–2(Bearing capacity of cohesive plain fill R)

No. of hammers(N10) 10 20 30 40
(R)(L/m²) 8 11 13 15

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