CSDS-1 Disc Type Liquid Limit Machine

Additional information

Maximum range




Measuring nonlinear error

better than 2%

Contact indication sensitivity


The total weight of the cone

76g ± 0.2g, 100g ± 0.2g

Conical angle

30 ° ± 0.2 °

The depth of the soil


Dish drop frequency

120/min (allowable error 15%)

Cone drop to reading display time

5 seconds

Electromagnetic suction


Voltage power


Product details:


It is used to determine the liquid limit and plastic limit of soil. It provides reliable data for soil classification, calculation of natural consistency and plasticity index, and is used for engineering design and construction of highway, railway, hydropower, metallurgy, construction and other departments.


Technical Parameter

The reading accuracy is 0.1mm, and the evaluation is 0.05mm.



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