HP-4.0 Concrete Water Impermeability Tester

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Concrete is an artificial stone that is widely used in construction now. For some buildings, such as hydraulic construction, underwater, underwater, underground and other construction projects, buildings are required to have special performance-impermeability. Permeability refers to the ability of the materials used in the structure to resist the penetration of water and or other liquid (light oil, heavy oil) media under pressure. The HP-40 Impermeability Tester is mainly used to test and determine the impermeability of the lake screw soil. At the same time, it can also be used for the measurement and quality inspection of the permeability of building materials, so it has been widely used by related departments such as production, construction, design, teaching and research. HP-40 Impermeability Tester: The function is the same as that of the ordinary model. Its main feature is that the pressure value is displayed on the pressure display through the sensor, and can automatically increase the pressure according to the set procedure, automatically complete the test, and reduce the burden on the staff. . Both HP-4 and HP-40 impermeability instruments meet the requirements of GB/T50081-2002 (standards for testing methods of ordinary concrete mechanical properties), T0528-94, GBJ81-85 and other standards.

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Maximum working pressure: 4mpa
  2. Working mode: automatic constant pressure(digital display type: automatic constant pressure and automatic boost)
  3. The number of test pieces that can be used at one time: 6
  4. Trial mold geometry size (also known as main mold) mold cavity upper mouth diameter: φ174.8mm

Diameter of the lower mouth of the cavity: φ185mm height: 153mm

  1. Plunger pump parameters: Flow rate: 0.16L/min
  2. Motor: Power: 120W Power supply: 380V-50HZ
  3. Dimensions: 950×800×950mm
  4. Mass: ≈220kg

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