CL-03 Press Machine Numeral Display Equipment

Product details:

CL-03 Press Machine Numeral Display Equipment is a kind of measuring equipment that is

exploited in connection with press detect machine. It quite meets the need of national related

detect standard, shows and prints interrelated data. It mainly applies in the production complement of extra fine grade press detect machine and the change of original pointer press machine.

  1. Main skill parameter

Normal working voltage:


Working environment temperature: 0 40C

Power consumption:


Precision class:


Size of print paper:


Model of printing head:

FTP-628MCL101#50 EPSON


  1. Function brief introduction

2.1 Time display: –year month day- -hour- minute

2.2 The group of pieces of test code settings: 000 -0150. The user is free to set up In this


2.3 Cross-section sample code set:

1— For the cross-section of 100mm x 100mm cube compressive specimen

2– For the cross-section of 150mm x 150mm cube compressive specimen

3– For the cos-section of 200mm x 200mm cube compressive specimen

4— For arbitrary cross-section sample of the cube compressive

5— For the cross section for the 150 x 150 x 550mm specimen bending

6—- For the cross section for the 100 x 100 x 400mm specimen bending

7– For the cross section for the 40 x 40 x 160mm specimen bending

8— For the cross-section of 70.7 x 70.7 compression cube specimens


2.4 Interface functions:

Display window 1: show Pressure measurement or The peak pressure (KN)

The lamp shows on the right of the window indicator: flashes when shows the peak, do

not blink when that window shows a real-time pressure.

Display window 2: Loading speed display KN/s

Micro-printer; 16P in both Chinese and English parallel plate micro-pre-loaded printer


Operation keys;: 0.-9 keyboard number keys, function keys to operate.

2.5 Data Storage:

Equipment data stored in the internal chip set. When power on after power-down, the test

data can be read out from the chip set for inquiry or printing. If the use of communications

and computer software can also be connected to data storage devices to the computer or

through network management center, to the realization of computer backup, data networking sharing centralized management center. Instrument No. including 000 ~ 9998 each test unit, including 3 or 6 date of test value and average intensity

storage capacity of 150 groups.

  1. User instructions

3.1 Clock setting

Users, who use it for the first time or after a long time should check the clock and correct it,

normal use are not required to set up.

Press “Clock”,

equipment(window l   window2)

shows***-● ●-*–year month- day).then input number to change the flash digital, press Exit” to

move the flasher Press “Enter”, equipment shows:* *“ *(-hour -minute second. It can also be changed in number key and “Exit”(to achieve shifting). Then press “Enter’ to conserve and exit,

3.2 Test operation

3.2.1 Detection of Standard test specimen: place the test specimen according the

requirements, turning the screw to make the top board contact with test specimen is not limited to, open the press, rising fuel tank, press “Clear” key to clear the tare weight;

press “Test”, equipment shows: window l :d 0001(I flash)

window2:s 282

1 in“d000 1”refers to the group number, the user can set an arbitrary number in between

00099989 press “Enter” button, window2 shows “S 282″, the 28 is age, 2 the code of

cos-section and then press ”Enter”,the group text is beginning。

2 in “s”

2”refers to the cross-section code (see PI 2.3) Input the group number and the section of code: For example, you want to test the

132 group, type the number 0,1,3,2. the window 1 shows d 0132, press “Enter”, window 2 flashes to show “S 2”,, that code section 2, the pecimen for 150 x 150, then press the “Enter”,the test begin.

If cross-section code is 5,when press the ”Enter “,the window 2 show ” 0100″,and the

number flash. Then you should enter the span.

press the ”Enter “,the window 2 show“1 10100”,and the number flash. Then you should enter

the Width.

press the “Enter “,the window 2 show“  0100”,and the number flash. Then you should enter

the thickness.


If cross-section code is 5.,when press the ”Enter “,the window 2 show “S 00 0.0^”and

the number flash. Then you should enter the actual cross-section area (cm2). If the cross section

for the 70.7 x 70.7 (mm), calculate the area of 50.0cm2, input should be 5,0.0, S050.0 be show at

window2,press “Enter” and the test begin Compression test: After input group No. .the section of code, users can test items for

the pressure test. Add the first specimen, open the valve to send the oil ,( 9 seconds to maintain

peak, such as problems found in this study may be “0” key to cancel this data) loaded to the

specimen break down, open the oil return valve, change into the No.2, loaded to break down, ( 9

seconds to maintain peak, such as problems found in this study may be “0” key to cancel this

data),change into the No. 3 specimen. The end of the block specimen, the instrument

automatically print out the group of test data. (Such as user-selected section of code is7or 8,it is necessary to carry out to the end of the sixth specimen block, the instrument print out the results of the group), then continue to the next group of experiments, or “Exit” to exit .


in the course of the experiment. you want to cancel one group of test samples can be directly

based on “Test” t0 re-enter the group number, section number. then begin a new test, instrument

will record the group’s latest data Data query and print

(A) after a group of samples the instrument automatically print out the results of the trial

data to determine whether or not qualified,at the same time, such a5 the calculation

of the average qualified

(B) Use “Inquire” to see the test data: Press ”Inquire “,window 2 shows the“0000 and

a bit flash at this time enter the group number. such as 012 (cheek the NO. 12 sets of

test data), then “Enter”.

Equipment Display: Window I 800.20 (this sample test peak)

Window2 3 . -1 (the first one of sample 3), and then .

“Enter “,window 2 shows the “3 — 2” window 1 shows the Group 2 sample peak.

and then ”Enter”,shows that the first three sample peaks ,”Enter ”to return.

(C) Use “Inquire” to print a specified group of test data: Press ”Inquire “,window 2

shows the“0000 enter the group number would like to print. such as 012, and then

*Print” to print out the first 12 sets of sample test results


Qualified data print format:

Detection of the value of testing machine

(KN)                  (MPa)

1: 800.01              35.55

2: 800.46              35.57

3: 800.24              35.56




001# S:15*15

At 14:21 on May 10, 2004

Test::                Check:

Failure data print format:

Detection of the value of testing machine

(KN)             (MPa)

1: 167.98         7.5

2: 251.58         11.2

3: 355.15         14.9



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