WEW-600B Micro Electromechanical Liquid Servo Universal Testing Machine

Product details:



The series of test machines are loaded hydraulically. Electro-hydraulic servo control technology is used to test the tensile, compression, bending and shearing of metal and non-metal materials. It displays various closed-loop control methods such as curves, forces, deformations and displacements. The display can be switched at will in the test. It also has the functions of stress rate, strain rate and stress retention and strain retention.The data will be automatically stored.






○ The oil source control part adopts generator motor and digital digital valve

○ The space adjustment mechanism adopts Kawashima environmental protection machine, with low noise;

○Using semi-closed hydraulic jaws, with high strength;

○ Vertical control cabinet, touch industrial computer, convenient and practical, saving space;

○The test space structure of the main engine with four columns and double screws;

○ High-speed motion communication interface and PC communication;

○ Standard database management test data;

○ High-strength, high-strength, sub-view protective net for safety protection;

○ The Chinese and English interface can be switched freely, which is more convenient and faster for customers.




Model WAW-100B WAW-300B WAW-600B WAW-1000B
Max. Test Force(KN) 100 300 600 1000
Tensile Space(mm) 700 700 700 700
Compression Space(mm) 600 600 600 600
Column Number 6 6 6 6
Compression Platen(mm) Φ148 Φ148 Φ198 Φ225
Round Sample

Test Range(mm)

Φ6~20 Φ10~32 Φ13~40 Φ13~40
Plat Sample Test Range(mm) 0~20 0~10 0~13 0~13
Compression Plant Size(mm) 148 148 198 225
Piston Stroke(mm) 200 200 200 200
Diameter of bending roller


50/50 50/50 50/50 50/50
Bending fulcrum span(mm) 50-300 50-300 50-300 50-300
Effective Test Range 1%-100%FS
Machine Grade Level 1/ Level 0.5
Relative indication error ±1%
Test Force Resolution 1/300000
Stress Rate Control Range 1MPa/s-50MPa/s
Stress Rate Control Accuracy 1/300000
Deformation Resolution according to the number of selected encoder lines, the resolution for 3600 lines is 0.007mm
Strain Rate Control Range 0.00025/s-0.0025/s
Strain Rate Control Accuracy ±2%
Displacement Resolution according to the number of selected encoder lines, the resolution for 3600 lines is 0.007mm
Displacement Rate Control Range 0.1-100 0.1-150 0.1-180 0.1-220
Displacement Rate Control Accuracy ±2%
Stress/Strain/Displacement Control Range 1%-100%FS
Stress/Strain/Displacement Control Rate <10%FS: ±2%;>10%FS: ±1%
Oil Control Cabinet(mm) 600*740*1560
Host Size(mm) 620*520*1723 810*560*1910 880*570*2050 940*640*2250
Motor Power(kW) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
Total Weight(kg) 1650 1770 2150 2950
A. Toolbar
B. Value-Indicating Display Bar
C. Testing-Choosing Interface
D. Status Bar


Details in the Cabinet:

Touching screen computer equipped with Keyboard, Pencil and Mouse, English control buttons.









Details in the Host:

1. Using semi-closed hydraulic jaws, high strength.

1. Using semi-closed hydraulic jaws, high strength.






2. Flat and V-shape jaw







3.6 pillers structure with high-toughness and beautiful protective net .







4.Siemens motor and high precision digital valveare used in the oil source control.







5.Kawashima reducer, low noise during the test.








6.High precious displacement transducerand pressure transducer




7.Bending fixture




8.Spherical Pressure Plate

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