Bitumen Water Content Test

Product details:

  1. Product introduction:

This instrument is suitable for determining the moisture content in petroleum products and the moisture content of petroleum pitch, coal pitch or emulsified pitch. The electric heating jacket heating method has the characteristics of fast heating without open flame, and there are single, double, and quadruple. Expressed as a percentage. This testing machine is suitable for measuring the water content of petroleum pitch, coal pitch or emulsified pitch, and the water content of various test objects, expressed as a mass percentage.

  1. Product equipment:

Solvent: xylene or a mixture with xylene (20:80 by volume), industrial alcohol.

Balance: Sensitivity is not more than 0.1g.

Measuring cylinder: 100ml, graduation: 1ml.

asbestos net.

Others: glass capillary (closed at one end) or dried non-glazed magnetic sheet, glass rod with rubber head, etc.

  1. Technical parameters:

Rated voltage: 220V.

Power frequency: 50HZ.

Temperature control range: -40~99℃.

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.1℃.

Rated power: 500W.

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