Asphalt Sample Divider

Product details:

The sealed dichotomy is a new type of dichotomy designed in accordance with the provisions of the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB-474-83 “Method of Preparation of Coal Samples”. It is an indispensable tool for sample preparation.

The sealed dichotomy is composed of a sample tank, a sample hopper, a shelf and a dustpan. It is suitable for the shrinkage sampling and analysis of coal, ore samples or other uneven particles.

This two divider has reasonable structure, convenient use, multi-point reduction performance, strong representativeness, and can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of sample preparation


No Number of grids Grid width (mm) Shrinking granularity (mm)
1 32 5 <1
2 24 7.5 <3
3 18 15 <6
4 16 32.5 <13

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