Asphalt Petroleum Dynamic Viscosity Test (vacuum decompression capillary method)

Additional information

Temperature control range


Working pressure range


Timing range


Timing accuracy


Measuring range

about 4.2~580000Pa. s

Number of samples

3 pieces

Product details:


This instrument is in accordance with the People’s Republic of China industry standard JTG E20-2011 “Highway Engineering Asphalt and Asphalt Mixture Test Regulations” T0620 “Asphalt Dynamic Viscosity Test (Vacuum Decompression Capillary Method)”, and the People’s Republic of China Petrochemical Industry Standard SH/ 0557 “Petroleum Asphalt Viscosity Determination Method (Vacuum Capillary Method)” designed and manufactured according to the requirements.

This instrument is suitable for measuring the dynamic viscosity of viscous petroleum asphalt with a vacuum decompression capillary viscometer. Unless otherwise specified, the vacuum degree is 300mmHg.

0036-20. 000Pa.s。 This instrument is also suitable for other substances in the range of 0. 0036-20. 000Pa.s by the vacuum capillary method, the test temperature is 60 ℃, the vacuum degree is 300mmHg (40Kpa), and the viscosity is in the range of 0.0036-20.000Pa.s.

Working Conditions

  1. Working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz;
  2. Ambient temperature: 5~50℃;
  3. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

Technical parameters

  1. Temperature control range: 0.00~100.00℃;
  2. Temperature control range: ±0.1
  3. Working pressure range: 300±0.5mmHg;
  4. Timing range: 0.0~999.9s;
  5. Timing accuracy: ≤0.05%;
  6. Measuring range: about 4.2~580000Pa. s;
  7. Number of samples: 3 pieces

Main Features

  1. It has the function of storing and measuring time;
  2. It has the function of automatic temperature and vacuum control;
  3. With automatic timing function;

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