LYY-8 Intelligent Asphalt Elongation Tester

This instrument is suitable for measuring the elongation of various specifications and models of asphalt and liquid asphalt residues after distillation and asphalt emulsion evaporation residues. It is widely used in production, road construction, and scientific research departments, and is more suitable for the test of modified asphalt. It meets the standards of the Ministry of Transport (JTG-E20-2011).

Additional information

Maximum measuring working length


Moving speed of stretching slide


Stretching motor power


Electric heating tube power


Cooling power


Temperature control range




Cooling capacity

4000 calories/min

Power supply

220V 50HZ

Product details:




The liquid crystal low-temperature extensometer conforms to a new generation of high-tech products. It adopts an external lead screw and linear guide rail positioning, which is stable in stretching, high in accuracy, and convenient for observation. The stretching operation system adopts a step servo controller. The control part adopts microcomputer processing, can store 100 sets of data, display the movement speed and precision temperature control, and the humanized operation page.

Technical Data

Maximum measuring working length: 1500mm.

Moving speed of stretching slide: 0–30mm/min.

Stretching motor power: 50W

Electric heating tube power: 2KW

Cooling power: 2KW

Water bath temperature control range: 5–50℃

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

Cooling capacity: 4000 calories/min

Working power supply voltage: 220V 50HZ


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