ZD322 Portable rebar detector

Product details:

The first generation portable rebar integrated detector uses an electromagnetic induction method, which can detect the rebar location and cover thickness & diameter accurately, store, transfer and analyze the real time test data. The model is the pinnacle of work with the modern simple design, incorporating the handy & durable features and sophisticated electronic technology. series rebar detector is mainly used to test the location, distribution, direction, the thickness of rebar and the diameter of cover in concrete structure such as walls, columns, beam-slabs etc. It can also detect the location of pipelines and metal embedded parts. The multiple coil structure design make it more accurate&responsive and higher resolution.



Items Technical Spec.
Diameter Measuring Range(mm) Ф6~Ф50
Measuring Range(mm) Location Range: 1~120
First Range: 1~60
Second Range: 30~120

Thickness Measuring Accuracy(mm)

1~40 ±1
41~60 ±2
61~80 ±3
81~100 ±5
101~120 ±8

Rebar Location Accuracy

1~60 ±3
61-120 ±6
Diameter Measuring
JGJ Measurement Optional
Data Storage Optional
Off Time Automatic
Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Working Temperature -10℃~+42℃
Size(mm) 188×145×140
Weight(kg) 0.745


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