ZBSX-92A Soil Test Sieve Shaker(Sieve Shaker)

Additional information


Electric vibrating sieve shaker machine



Sieve diameter


Vibration amplitude


Vibration times

147 times / minute

Sieve shame times

221 times / minute

Motor power



380V, 3phase



Product details:

Working Principle

The sample screen shaker is mainly composed of a swing mechanism, a shock mechanism, and a clamping mechanism. The motor rotates the main eccentric shaft of the worm gear with the swinging frame through the rotating shaft, which in turn drives the rotation of the other two eccentric shafts to promote the swing radius of the entire screen group, which is also equal to the plane circumferential swing of the eccentricity. At the same time, the same motor drives another pair of worm gear to pass through the cam. The top rod is equipped with a swinging frame of the screen group, which is periodically raised against the anvil of the base by its own weight hit.


Instructions for use

  1. When placing the sieve, it should be stacked according to the size of the sieve, and a sieve chassis is added at the same time.
  2. Pour the material to be screened into the top sieve, cover the sieve cover, and then place it in the sieve base of the shaker.
  3. Turn the Bakelite handle on the sieve plate counterclockwise to slide the entire sieve plate down onto the sleeve screen. Then, rotate the Bakelite handle on the sieve plate clockwise. The sieving screen is tight.
  4. Turn the timer knob on the pendulum to the time required for sieve analysis, turn on the power switch, and the pendulum will start sieve rotation.
  5. When the timer arrives at a predetermined time, the pendulum will stop working automatically.
  6. Rotate the Bakelite handle on the sieve plate counterclockwise to loosen the central sieve plate and lift it upward, fix it on the sliding sleeve, and remove the sample sieve. The granules remaining in each sieve after analysis need to be weighed in order to the accurate analysis ratio.
  7. There is no up and down vibration during the first work. Because the motor is turned upside down, please change the power cord.
  8. Turn off the power at the end of the work.



This machine is suitable for the screening and analysis of materials in the laboratories of highways, construction, geological and metallurgical research departments, etc. It is convenient and simple to complete the classification work when it is turned on for 5 minutes each time. The whole structure is composed of a motor control box, a swing seat, a timer, a sieve clamping tray, and a sieve. It has small size, light weight, beautiful appearance and elegant appearance. Its advanced structure, good performance, large turning range, strong vibration force, good screening effect, convenient and flexible clamping.

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