U950 Non-metallic ultrasonic detector

Additional information

Product Model


Master unit

Built-in A9 industrial control motherboard


10.1 inch,high brightness,TFT color LCD capacitive screen

Operation method

Touch screen

Storage method

Built-in Electronic Hard Disk(> 8GB)+Large Capacity U Disk

Acquisition mode

Synchronized continuous rapid mining

Number of channels

4-Channel Spontaneous Receiving

One-time section number


Trigger mode

Signal triggering

Test method

Planning.Re-testing.Encryption.Oblique Survey

Sampling period (mus)

0.05-409.6 Multistage Options

Acoustic Time Accuracy (Us)


Acoustic time range(mus)


Width measurement function

Measuring range:0~10mm: Measuring accuracy:o.O1mm;

Dynamic range(dB)


Bandwidth (kHz)


Receiving Sensitivity (UV)


Gain Accuracy(dB)


Emission Voltage (V)

65、250、500、1000 Four gears adjustable

Communication interface


Working hours (h)


Power supply mode

Built-in lithium batteries with 220V-16V AC/DC

Work environment

Temperature℃ -10℃ ~+40℃ Humidity (RH)<90%

Product details:

U950Non-metallic ultrasonic detector(multi-tube measuring pile)Ultrasonic transmission method for pile integrity testing, Structural concrete compressive strength, crack depth, crack width and defect detection; Diaphragm wall integrity testing, which integrates five functions of pile testing, ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method for strength measurement, defect detection, crack sounding and width measurement. Geological exploration, rock integrity, weathering evaluation test; mechanical properties of non-metallic materials such as rock mass and concrete.

1.It integrates five functions of pile, strength measurement, defect measurement, sounding and width measurement.
2.Full touch screen operation, simple, convenient, stable and reliable;
3.Multichannel automatic acquisition, automatic recording of high harmony time waveform;
4.The deep recording wheel adopts dustproof and waterproof design;
5.Large memory capacity, working time up to 10 hours or more;
6.It can directly connect the digital rebound rifle probe to the ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method for measuring strength;
7.The special analysis software has powerful functions, data analysis and processing, report generation and report printing can be easily completed.
8.The transducer spool is designed with a current collecting ring, and the signal cable is retractable to prevent the cable from being twisted.


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