T-100 Coating thickness gauge

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T100 Coating Thickness Gauge is an economical and practical portable thickness measuring instrument. It uses magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement methods to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates and non-magnetic metal substrates. The thickness of the non-conductive cover layer; it can quickly and accurately measure the thickness of coatings and coatings without damage. It can be used in the laboratory and engineering field. By using different probes, you can also meet the needs of a variety of measurements. This instrument can be widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing fields. It is a professional instrument for material protection.



GB / T 4956─2003GB / T 4957─2003JB / T 8393─1996 JJG 889─98JJG 818─98



 Specifications T100

Probe selection


Optional 10 probes:


F1(Pahit / Plating / Fire-resistant coating measuranent)


F10(measurement of fire-resistant layer and 10mm inner cover)
Other probes:F400,F1/90°,F5,N400,N1,N1/90°,CN02,N10
Working principle Magnetic induction and eddy current
Measurement accuracy F1(±((1~2)%H+1)),F10(±((1~3)%H+10)),N1(±((1~2)%H+1))
Measuring range F1(0~1250um), F10(0~10000um),N1(0~1250um)
Minimum area F1(Φ7),F10(Φ40),N1(Φ5),F400(Φ3)
Statistics function Mean ,Large,Small,Tests,Standard Deviation
Calibration method Single-point calibration,two-point calibration,and five-point basic calibration method to correct the system error of the probe
Storage function Can store 495 measured value,with delete function:delete single suspicious data appearing in the measurement,or delete all data in the storage area for new measurement
Alarm system Limits can be set:automatic alarming for measured values outside the limits;with power undervoltage indication function;beep prompts during operation;with error prompt function,error prompts can be displayed on screen or by beeps
Shutdown method Manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode
Use environment 0~40°C/humidity 20%RH~90%RH
Use environment Magnetic field-free environment
Power supply Two AA batteries
The standard configuration Main unit 1 set/standard piece(5 pieces)/iron or aluminum base 1 piece /5 AA battery 2sections/ manual certificate warranty card 1 set

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