SZR-3 Digital asphalt (needle) penetration

Additional information

Minimum grading


Measuring range


Weight of needleand gauge


Power supply


Sample plate

Ф 55 * 35 mmflat brass tubular plate

Product details:


This instrument is mainly used for the penetration of viscous road petroleum asphalt, liquid petroleum, asphalt and asphalt materials after distillation or emulsification tests.



  1. Minimum grading: 0.01mm
  2. Measuring range: 0-50mm
  3. Weight of needleand gauge: 100±0.05g
  4. Power supply: 220V/50HZ
  5. 6.Sample plate: Ф 55 * 35 mmflat brass tubular plate
  6. Heat preservation plate:

Volume:> 15L   Raw material:glass

Depth:>60mm.   Shape: flat tubular plate

A four-corner net is used for attaching the heat preservation plate.

The instrument working platform is equipped with an leveladjustment mechanism.

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