NA-1 Sand Content Meter

Product details:

NA-1 mud sediment concentration measuring instrument: it is determined by the volume change of the mud filtered through the screen, expressed by the percentage,

1. The mud is charged to the mark on the measuring tube marked with the word “mud”, plus Clear water to the line where there is“water”, block the nozzle and shake it;
2. Pour the mixture into the filter cartridge, discard the liquid passing through the sieve, add water to the test tube, shake it,
and then pour it into the filter cartridge, repeat until the tube is clean;
3. Rinse the sand obtained on the screen with clean water to remove residual mud;
4. Insert the funnel into the filter cartridge, then slowly flip it over and insert the funnel into the tube. Wash all the sand
attached to the screen with water into the tube;
5. After the sand is precipitated, read the percentage of sand;
6. Clean and dry the instrument and put it into the box. Main technical parameters: structure and technical data The NA-1 mud sand meter consists of a filter cartridge with a 200 mesh screen and a funnel with a diameter corresponding to the filter cartridge and a glass tube with a scale of 0 to 100%. The scale on the tube is 0.5% for each cell below 15%, and 1% for each cell between 15% and 30%

A glass measuring tube a scale of 0-100%
Test cup capacity 140 cm³

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