LOL30T Pull-out Anchor Tester

Product details:


Product number GTJ-10 GTJ-20 GTJ-30 GTJ-50 GTJ-100
Center hole of cylinder 27mm 35mm 45mm 60mm 90mm
Cylinder stroke 60mm 80mm 80mm 120mm 150mm
Measuring range 0-100kN 0-200kN 0-300kN 0-500kN 0-1000kN
Cylinder weight 5.5kg 13kg 15kg 25kg 28kg
Common anchors Φ6-20 Φ6-25 Φ6-32 Φ6-32 Φ25-40
Tie rod M18 M22 M24 M30 M40
Conversion head M6-20 M6-24 M6-27 M6-27 M6-33
Resolution 0.01kN 0.01kN 0.01kN 0.01kN 0.01kN

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