DYE-2000B Compression Testing Machine

Product details:


  1. DYE-2000 electro-hydraulic pressure testing machine is driven by hydraulic power source, and intelligent measurement and control instrument is used to collect and process test data. It is composed of four parts: test host, oil source (hydraulic power source), measurement and control system and test apparatus. The maximum test force is 1000kN, and the accuracy level of the testing machine is better than level 1.
  2. DYE-2000 electro-hydraulic pressure testing machine can meet the national standard test requirements for brick, concrete, cement and other materials. Manual loading and digital display of loading force value and loading speed value.
  3. The testing machine is the main engine oil source integrated structure;It is suitable for compressive test of cement and concrete. With appropriate fixture and measuring device, it can meet splitting test, bending test and static compressive elastic modulus test of concrete.

The testing machine and accessories comply with GB/T2611, GB/T3159 standard requirements

Main Parameter

Model: DYE-2000 Test Level: Level 1
Max Press Force: 2000kN Press space(mm): 320
Upper platen size(mm): 240×240 Piston stroke(mm): 0-50mm
Lower platen size(mm): 240×240 Power(KW): 0.75
Host Size(mm): 900x400x1250 Total Weight(kg): 650

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