BD-R600 Integrated Rebar Detector

Product details:


The integrated rebar detector is a portable nondestructive testing instrument, which can be used to test the construction quality of reinforced concrete structure. It can measure the position of rebar, the thickness of rebar protective layer and the diameter of rebar on the surface of concrete. In addition, the position of the magnetic body and conductive body inside the concrete structure can also be detected, such as the cable in the wall, plumbing pipe, etc.


1, Integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to carry; Laser precise positioning of steel bar position function;

2, The thickness detection mode is intuitive, while showing the position and spacing of reinforcement;

3, Thickness detection mode can automatically store the thickness and spacing, detection efficiency is greatly improved;

4, It can detect the middle position of steel bar, aiming frame and indicator light prompt, easy to drill core;

  1. No boundary grid scan.

6, TF card storage, large capacity, intuitive and convenient transmission;

7, 2.8-inch high-resolution color LCD screen;

8, PC professional data analysis software, data processing and report generation is easy to complete.




Name Technical Indicator
Product Type R600
Range(mm) Small range 1-90mm
Large range 1-210mm
Maximum allowable error of protective layer thickness (mm) ±1(mm) 1 – 80mm
±2(mm) 81 -120mm
±4(mm) 121-210mm
Applicable range of diameter estimation (mm) φ6mm ~φ32mm
Maximum error of diameter indication Specification(±1)
Mesh measurement function Support
Laser positioning function Support
Probe self-calibration Support


Main technical data

Screen size 2.87inch
Resolution 240X320
Volume 220X93X110mm
Weight 0.6kg
Data transmission method TF card, wireless cloud transmission (optional)
Power supply Lithium battery
Storage 2000 components*1000 measuring points
Work environment requirements Temperature -10°C – 40°C Humidity <90%HR



No. Items Quantity
1 Engineering box 1
2 Host(R600) 1
3 Charger (4.2V/1A) 1
4 TF card 1
5 Card reader 1
6 Operation guide 1
7 Rope 1
8 Product certificate, warranty card, packing list 1


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