ANY-1 Mud Test Kits

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Product Introduction


The Mud Test Kits consists of mud hydrometer, mud viscometer and mud sand content. It is packed in artificial leather or aluminum alloy case, which is more convenient to carry.


NB-1 Mud hydrometer: It is an instrument used for the specific gravity of mud. It is used to measure the specific gravity of mud in well sites and laboratories, unit in g/cm³.


Mud viscometer: It is suitable for measuring the viscosity of mud in wellsites and laboratories. It is calculated by the time required for 500mm³ of mud to flow out of the viscometer, unit in seconds.


Mud sand content tester: It is suitable for measuring the sand content of mud in the well site or laboratory. It is determined by the change in the volume of the mud after being filtered by a screen, expressed as a percentage.




Mud hydrometer measuring range: 0.96-2.0/cm  0.96-2.5g/cm   0.96-3.0g/cm  0.50-2.0g/cm     0.10-1.5g/cm    0.70-2.4g/cm


Scale division value: 0.01 g/cm³


The test cup capacity: 140 cm³


Diameter of the outflow pipe of the mud viscometer: 5mm; length: 100mm


Pour 700ml of clean water into the viscometer funnel, and the time required to flow out 500ml is 15 seconds.

The measuring cup (with compartments) has a capacity of 500 ml at one end and 200 ml at the other end.


The NA-1 sand content meter consists of a filter cartridge equipped with a 200-mesh screen, a funnel corresponding to the diameter of the filter cartridge, and a glass measuring tube with a scale of 0-100%.


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